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Organic Soul

Wood is living and has a soul. It is our greatest partner with which to protect, connect, and decorate our home dimension with the environment outside: balancing of course seasonal changes in temperature, while characterising the living space in a noble appearance that communicates safety and value. It is a subject that concentrates all the ancient wisdom of good living within itself, being perfectly combined with the most modern requirements and understanding for saving the most energy, controlling noise, and the overall liveability of the home.

As far as IMPRONTA is concerned, wood is like a treasure chest of gifts and opportunities to reciprocate and pass on to its customers whilst constantly working in strict compliance with a material, so rich and generous. Each phase of work is therefore designed and carried out according to maximum eco- friendliness: from the selection of wood from certified forests to the cutting processes which are optimized to avoid product wastage, to the exclusive use of water- based coatings, to the closed water recirculation systems, culminating in the ecological treatment of all factory waste and refuse.

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20 December 2018
05 April 2017
05 April 2017