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Vivid collection has polished and elegant lines, 180° opening with two types of hinges, full co-planarity and no joints in view between doorjamb and casing. Vivid collection combines high quality, finesse and good functional features.

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No jambs and casing, Light collection has a minimal style, perfect for linear and modern settings. The two sides of the sash can be customized with different finishing or colours. Therefore, Light can “blend in with” the background wall, creating an exceptional clean look. It is available in both push and pull opening options.

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The Unique collection provides clean and essential lines. The innovative adjustable hidden hinge allows to maintain co-planarity and eliminate the junction between jamb and casing. The combination of these elements includes a specific installation project, which is covered by European patent.

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Today's life is on the go. Wishes and trends are continuosly evolving. Dinamic collection adapts to your style of life with updated aesthetic qualities, combining passion for wood and a powerful design. The essential lines can be custom-tailored by choosing one of the two types of casing: inclined - for a more modern look - and straight - for a more classic one.

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